Spread The Art, Spread The Love

           Doing something you love and sharing it with others is what joy is comprised of. Sharing your passions does not mean you should enforce them on others, it is merely giving someone else the opportunity to learn your deep and inner appreciations.

           By allowing someone to see you at your happiest and most content state, you are giving them the opportunity of exploring the side of you most cherished. It may not be easy to let the initial guard down without fear of too much invasion of privacy, but this is where the “tit for tat” comes into play. Continue reading

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Human Canvas

stretched septum and labret piercings

           Fashion has hit an all time high as it has ventured on to bigger and better things. Clothing has merely become a cover up for the latest trends of tattoos and piercings. These personalized images, quotes and memories along with mismatched piercings from head to toe give people the opportunity to express themselves as their own artwork. May it be a memorable moment, a heartfelt idea, a never ending dream or a life long aspiration, people are marking it down for a constant reminder and symbol of individuality.    Continue reading

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Edible Art

            Culinary in both taste and display is an often forgotten form of art. It has in recent years become much more recognized thanks to the abundant competitive cooking shows such as Top Chef. The main components of good cooking and baking consist of taste, nutritional value and final display.

         Continue reading

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Green Design


            Architecture and interior design have transformed rapidly over the last few decades. They have not only changed in style and overall design, but they have come a long way in terms of becoming economically friendly. The art of efficient design is one of the most popular up and coming businesses. Continue reading

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Gift From The Heart

           Art is unfortunately more often then not forgotten during the holiday season. Gifting a close friend or relative a personal art piece not only shows thought and effort, but originality. Although most people would say a certain level of talent is required in order to gift people their own art, they are far from right.

       Continue reading

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Needle And Thread


           Judgment is second nature, and one of the most noticed features on people is their overall style and apparel.  Rather than getting tattoos or piercings to show off their personality, a person may decide to express their personality through clothing. This in turn is the “wiser” decision in terms of permanence for it can be easily changed whenever one feels the need for it. Once you are out of touch with a certain trend or look, you can try something new by simply switching your wardrobe. Continue reading

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Various doodles drawn during an afternoon math...

            The mindless task of doodling not only helps the time fly by, but it is fun, creative and gives our mind the chance to explore new ideas. Rather than thinking of a clever idea and ignoring it, draw it out and allow yourself to explore the idea. One thought always leads to another, and the outcome of doodles tends to take most people by surprise. Continue reading

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The Beauty Of Nature

           There is art in every season, and different emotions and memories associates with them. Different times of the year tend to cause different moods due to the change of the overall scenery. Spring brings life, color and new beginnings, summer brings outdoors fresh air and the warmth of the sun, fall brings cleansing rainfalls and the crunch of leaves, and winter brings peace and serenity as the fresh snow purifies our surroundings.


   Continue reading

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My Abstract Art

           It has been a long process of trial and error throughout the journey of my art exploration. From a variety of medias, to set guidelines from art classes, to open ended choices from personal projects, I have accomplished a lot. The following are some of my favorite art pieces and explanations as to how they came to be.

            (Treasure Chest)

            One of my first art pieces when I was in high school was a charcoal drawing of a close-up object. I chose to draw a small section of a treasure chest due to its contrasting dark and light shades as well as its meaning. The “unknown” of what lies within the chest left me feeling curious and anxious. The outcome of my first shading drawing turned out better than I had hoped for. When I look at my old collection and come across this picture, it reminds me of the unforeseen future, and the locked up memories of the past. Continue reading

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The Healing Of Art


Cancer cure

Although this is a specific art project done by one person, there are many Not Now creative art programs that allow cancer patience the opportunity to explore their artistic side. The artist-in-residence (AIR) program was one of the first programs to inspire other programs in creative art departments to help motivate and inspire cancer patience across the country.

            Researchers have found that various art involved programs have led cancer patients to a happier daily life and ultimately a better chance at beating or prolonging their cancer battle. Continue reading

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